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Credit Agricole in Poland

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

Crédit Agricole Bank Polska SA is a universal  bank which focuses on building long-term relations with customers (individuals, small and medium-sized firms and enterprises) and on providing professional advice and friendly service. The bank offers a comprehensive range of products and services available through all channels: electronic banking, telephone access, and a network of more than 440 branches.

 Crédit Agricole Bank Polska has more than 6000 employees.

LUKAS Finanse S.A.

LUKAS Finanse S.A. was established in September 2011. It specializes in consumer finance.
The Company offers quick and simple cash loans that are available to customers at a few thousand customers service points across Poland.


Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy (EFL) began operating in June 1991, and as one of the first leasing firms in Poland made a significant contribution to the creation and shaping of the Polish leasing market.

The company offers leasing arrangements on all types of fixed assets: cars and goods vehicles, machinery and equipment, IT hardware and software, and real estate. It also provides medical apparatus leasing, as well as leasing arrangements for local authorities and law firms. For 20 years, EFL has been delivering modern financial solutions and cooperating closely with the most important manufacturers and suppliers.

EFL develops organizational solutions to improve the servicing of customers interested in particular types of transaction. Since 2009 the company has operated two business lines: Retail Leasing, for customers from the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sector; and Corporate Leasing, which finances high-budget transactions for corporate and institutional clients.

The company’s membership of the Crédit Agricole Group, of which it became part in 2001, brings many benefits for the company itself and for its customers. It provides a very high degree of financial stability and security, but above all it gives access to the knowledge and experience of a financial institution with international reach, one of the European leaders in banking and insurance.


In 2004 Carefleet was launched as a spin-off from Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy. 

At present in Poland it manages a fleet of more than 7 730 vehicles, and remains among the top five long-term hire firms. In 2010 it became the first CFM firm in Poland to sign contracts with government institutions, entering into two such agreements with the State Treasury Ministry and the Social Security Agency (ZUS).

Carefleet SA specializes in financing vehicles and providing management services to the highest standards. Development of the market, wide-ranging customer needs, and the increasingly high standards being set, provide an opportunity for delivering specialist services addressed especially to modern business concerns.

Carefleet SA is a member of the Polish Vehicle Hire and Leasing Association (PZWiLP).

Crédit Agricole Life Insurance

The process of setting up the Polish branch of Crédit Agricole Life Insurance Europe was initiated in 2007, when it began operating as Predica Europe Polish Branch. In November of that year the firm obtained a licence to conduct insurance activity in Poland.

In May 2008 the branch underwent a name change, from Predica Europe to Crédit Agricole Life Insurance Europe.

Crédit Agricole Life Insurance is oriented towards creating protective and investment products for its business partners, based on the bancassurance sales model (sale of insurance through banks).

The main principle is that products are created in accordance with partners’ individual needs, with particular attention to the simplicity of the sales process and matching of insurance products to banking products. We are constantly introducing new products and adapting them to suit the constantly changing needs of customers.

EFL Finance

EFL Finance came into being in 2009. Our main form of activity is as an insurance agency providing services for Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy (EFL).  We provide EFL’s customers with full insurance cover for leased assets. We collaborate with many insurance companies, namely PZU SA, Generali TU SA, Concordia Polska, Cardif TUnŻ, Inter Partner Assistance. Since October 2010 we have expanded our line of business to include loans for the purchase of fixed assets for farmers and for firms in the healthcare sector.

Credit Agricole Commercial Finance

Credit Agricole Commercial Finance Polska SA (CACF) was established in 2011 within the EFL Group structure as an answer to the ever-growing market needs for factoring services. It is also very much in line with EFL's development strategy as a provider of complementary financial solutions for asset based lending.

It's worth stressing that our ultimate owner is Credit Agricole SA – the world's banking leader.Creation of CACF Company is a compliment to the CA Polska Groups offer in Poland.